Programs -- TCRC Pre-K3 Program

With 10 New Slots...there is room for you!

Thomasville Community Resource Center (TCRC) Pre-K3 OWLS (Our Wonderful Little Scholars) prepares children for kindergarten and beyond.

Designed for young children, preschool is often the first building block in school-readiness activities and skills.  Our high-quality Pre-K3 program provides a foundation for learning and prepares them for success not only in kindergarten but also in their education beyond kindergarten.  School-readiness activities in our high-quality Pre-K3 program focuses on physical, motor, social, and emotional development. 
Our aim is to develop critical thinkers and problem solvers through investigation, play, and focused intentional teaching.
Lk at "Whoo" Our Pre-K3 Staff Is:
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Our Pre-K3 classroom is designed as a community, where your child not only builds skills vital to kindergarten success but also gains respect for others and a strong sense of confidence. As they bond with classmates, they:

ØBuild independence
ØDevelop communication and cooperation skills
ØEngage in hands-on learning
           Join the TCRC Family

Making decisions about your child’s early education and care can be challenging. We want to inspire confidence in your decision, while making the process as simple as possible!  Becoming a member of the family includes these steps.

Registration Form
     {Download, Complete, and Upload completed form using Step 4}   

2. Pay $25 Registration Fee 
3. Complete the Application Package {within 3 days after registration & payment}
    {Download, Complete, and Upload completed application Package using Step 4}

4. Upload all supporting documents {within 3 days after submitting application package}       

     a. Shot Records
     b. CAPS School Approval, if applicable      
     c. Other
5. TCRC Review {within 3 days after receiving completed package with all supporting documents}
** See Our Parent Handbook for More Information **