About Us -- History

TCRC was founded in 1998, by citizens of Thomasville who were concerned with the disparity of health-related preventive services, educational enrichment opportunities, and economic challenges that faced the underserved and minority populations in their community, TCRC opened its doors with funding from Jane Fonda, the late Dr. Gloria Jones and other organizations. Thomasville Community Resource Center is a non-profit organization that provides afterschool programs and wellness services for families. For several years the Center operated inside the National Guard Armory, located down the street from its current address, located at 501 Varnedoe Street. TCRC operates 10 after school programs in Thomas, Grady and Mitchell counties. We support and work towards the educational, emotional and physical well-being of all we serve by offering education, health and family supportive services. To fulfill our mission, we empower youth and families through alternative community based programs, built on a foundation of prevention, education and preparation.



Thomasville Community Resource Center empowers children to progress toward their full potential through educational development and partnerships.


TCRC’s mission is guided by the following principles:

  • Strengthen Community and Parent Partnerships
  • Provide a Safe Haven
  • Provide Opportunities for Life Long Learning
  • Achieve Holistic Wellness
  • Empowerment Through Education